Our Regular Monday Afternoon Session – 27 Feb 17

  1. Legal Talk by Asia Law Corp.
    Topic: Dealing with Complaints to CEA200217

Time:  2:00PM – 3:30PM
Speaker: Mr. Roy Sze
Venue: C&H Training Room

Topic Overview:

  • Every Real Estate Real Salesperson hates facing a customer’s complaint to CEA.
  • Complaints are stressful and may affect your sales and morale
  • In some cases, customers start legal action.
  • Lawyer speaker, Mr. Roy Sze, represents Real Estate Sales Persons facing complaints and hearings before the CEA Disciplinary Hearings.
  • Sharing on how you can manage stressful and unpleasant complaints to CEA so you can better handle these matters
  • Roy Sze is Former Police Superintendant (30 years in Singapore Police Force) who specialises in Criminal cases and CEA matters.
  • He is highly experienced and represents Real Estate Salespersons in CEA Hearings.


  1. Training Session by houseleh.com
    Topic: How to Create Your Own Virtual Tour

Time:  3:30PM – 5:30PM
Speaker:  Ms. Susan Han
Venue: C&H Training Room

Speaker: Mr. Alex Low and Mr. Javier Loo
Venue: C&H Training Room

Topic Overview:

  • How to take professional 360 degree images
  • How to create a 360 degree virtual tour
  • How to create a 360 degree virtual tour in 5 minutes
  • How to embed and send out your 360 degree virtual tour to your targeted clients using Emarketing
  • Bonus SIAPPA segment by AMICUS
  • Siappa is a sms targeting system by Amicus allowing your agents to reach out to their targeted prospects and its DMC safe
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