Our Regular Monday Afternoon Session – 31 Oct 16

  1. Legal Talk by Characterist
    Topic: How Is Property Divided In a Divorce: The New Approach In ANJ Vs ANK
    Time:  2:15PM – 3:30PM
    Speaker: Mr Lim Ker Sheon
    Venue: C&H Training Room




Topic Overview:

  • Overview of divorce
  • Matrimonial property
  • When do assets cease to form part of matrimonial property?
  • What is new approach in ANJ vs ANK?
  • Is there a difference if property is owned with third party, esp if joint tenancy? How to sever a joint tenancy?
  • Difference between legal and equitable interest in a property, esp in a joint tenancy
  • What else do agents need to know when marketing a property in a divorce?
  1. Briefing Session by Developer
    Topic: Stars of Kovan Commercial Units– Direct from Developer
    Time: 3.30PM
    Venue: C&H Training Room

Topic overview:

  • With more than 4% commission for 46 commercial units
  • Q & A
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