Our Regular Monday Afternoon Session – 4 Sep 17

  1. Legal Talk by Attorneys
    Topic: What to look out for in Offers to Purchase and Options to Purchase and Understanding the Residential Properties Act040917

Time:  2:00PM – 3:30PM
Speaker: Mr. Dominic
Venue: C&H Training Room

  1. Training by M Power
    Topic: Focus and Strategic Conversation: Effective conversation to influence your prospects and achieve positive result

Time:  3:30PM – 5:00PM
Speaker: Mr. Michael Hartung (MBA)
Venue: C&H Training Room

Topic Overview:

  • Create success and better results from Strategic Conversations.
  • Learn about tools and structures on how to anticipate and influence intentions and stakeholders, strategize conversations towards pre-defined goals and be able to close deals and communications.
  • Following Key Segments covered:
    • Goal Setting in Communication
    • Identify Intentions and Motivations of Stakeholders
    • Design and Strategize Communications
    • Close the Deal
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